We have selected a few case studies that we would like to share with you. Some are very recent while others have become classics in the sense that they have been in the market for several years and are still going strong. For us that is the real testament of success. Each of these examples demonstrates a different facet of our ability as a team to understand ‘the question’, find the insight and deliver thoughtful solutions that actually sell more product.


If we measure success on the basis of outcome–such as share of category, sales volume increases, or purchase conversion– then our most successful work is typically with category challengers. Our understanding of how shoppers shop a category and what influences their choices at the “First Moment of Truth” is our strategic advantage against brands that are typically supported by much larger advertising budgets. We have developed a sixth sense for shelf warfare. Our secret ingredient is informed creativity: in our world of design, there are two types of creative solutions–intuitive solutions and informed solutions. Our methodology of tracking shoppers’ attention has received recognition and validation among academics as well as research professionals.

This behaviour-based research is what helps us create design that affects predictable outcome.