Marovino Visual Branding is an award-winning brand design consultancy serving clients in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. We are a multidisciplinary team of moms, dads, weekend “champions”, musicians and magicians with expertise in Package Design Systems, Corporate Identity, and Digital Marketing.

We influence consumers’ choices at the Moment of Truth by utilizing an iterative design and research process to uncover and leverage what motivates shoppers to select certain brands and ignore others. Create, Test and Optimize – we help our clients make faster, smarter and more profitable decisions.

No superlatives.

No platitudes.

Just design that truly sells.


We are a team of thought-leaders in our respective disciplines, supported by a far reaching stable of creative minds from Europe, the Americas, South Asia and the Pacific Rim. Based in Toronto, we serve clients with a personal touch. As much as we love technology, we cherish face-to-face meetings and problem solving.

We live where your brand lives.