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Dare: Bear Paws


“The eyes have it,” was what leading retailer Walmart said about this entrancing package design. Our good friends at Dare Foods were over-the-moon with the new look of their favourite cookie line. One look at this package on-shelf and you know that it holds tight onto shopper’s attention.

May 5, 2014

Oakrun Farm Bakery rebranding

For the first time since 1979, Oakrun Farm Bakery decided to refresh its visual identity. The goal was a memorable, contemporary logo with a warm, inviting feel that spotlights the wholesomeness of the company’s baked goods. The out-takes represent some of the great work that came from exploring various visual keys to find the best combination. Complementing the sharp Oakrun Farm Bakery wordmark, our final design reflects the brand’s heritage with traditional imagery evoking the countryside and the wholesome values of farm and family.

Leave a Comment December 23, 2010

McCormick: Club House Pop-corn Seasonings redesign

Every two years, McCormick redesigns its Pop-corn Seasonings labels to stay fresh and ahead of the competition. In 2009 we designed a lively and colourful update aimed at children and their parents. A cute and cool “Popcorn Character” — treated slightly differently for each flavour — is our design’s focus, helping the bottles stand out on shelf, and giving the brand an inspiring, memorable icon. Based on this design, we also created a header card to go with a limited edition Christmas candy cane flavour.

Leave a Comment November 11, 2010

Kiss Baking: Healthy Balance

Kiss Baking entered Trinidad and Tobago’s burgeoning health-food market by launching Healthy Balance, a new brand of multigrain breads. Our design contrasts bold and bright colours with black-and-white photography to achieve a unique look that stands out on shelf. (more…)

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F.T. Ross: Nature Clean rebranding

Canada’s original brand of non-toxic cleaning products wanted a rebranding that would help position it as the market’s safest, healthiest choice for household cleaning. (more…)

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Reckitt Benckiser: Finish transition

As part of an effort to convert many of its Canadian brands to global ones, Reckitt Benckiser Canada approached us with the task of transitioning the Electrasol brand to the globally recognized Finish brand, a three-phase change spanning many years.


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Dare: Creme cookies redesign

In the competitive premium-cookie market, it is essential to present your product as enticingly as possible. This is what Dare had in mind when it asked us to helm the first redesign of its Dare Creme cookie packages since the early ‘90s. (more…)

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Novartis Consumer Health Canada: Keri lotion redesign

For 2010, Novartis challenged us to dramatically redesign its Keri packaging for two purposes. First, Keri wanted to communicate a new brand positioning: research-supported “continuous moisturization.” (more…)

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MVS EVENTS: The need … for speed!

For this year’s Q2 event, we took a day off from trying to avoid creating wrap rage. Instead, we tried to create some road rage at Centennial Park Mini-Indy Go-Karts.


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Ronzoni: Catelli Healthy Harvest redesign

In an effort to encourage more consumers to try Healthy Harvest — Ontario’s leading whole wheat pasta — Ronzoni challenged us to redesign its package for a more modern look that would improve appetite appeal. Using an oval nameplate, we developed a design footprint that blocks well, allowing the brand to stand out. Compelling photography that brings the food closer to the viewer with a more natural angle of view creates a delicious-looking serving suggestion. Since the redesign, the brand has seen significantly improved overall sales.

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