Yes, I’m a true right-brain thinker.

Maybe because I was born in Florence (Italy) and the influence of the Renaissance dragged me from one form of art to the other, or maybe because I used to sleep on my right side and the best brain cells have glided to the right. It doesn’t really matter, I am a one hundred percent right-brain thinker. That’s it.

My bossy right brain has led me to begin my experience in communications as a graphic designer then as an art director, until becoming a partner/creative director in one of the most technologically advanced agencies in Italy: Intersystem, part of the group Leader Pubblicità. After a short time in Colombia (at McCann) and in Turkey (at Giftajans), I moved to Milan, Italy, where I worked until 2013 before taking a sabbatical year. I planned to visit all of Canada and I fell in love with Toronto. Then, through an unplanned event, I also fell in love with Marovino Visual Branding, therefore I’m here!

In the blending between my advertising background and Marovino’s strong knowledge in branding and packaging design, we saw the perfect formula to improve the power of visual design and drive the brands from the shelf to the future.

One of my strong points is the global view and strategic language that I‘ve developed by having an open dialogue with clients, Marketing Directors and CEOs of major companies such as: Adidas, Bauli, Carapelli, CAT, Corona, Dom Pérignon, EMI Music, Heineken, Maserati, Kimberly Clark, New Holland, Piaggio, Revlon, Splugen, Symantec, Tamoil, Valcucine, Vogue Italia.

My experience as a photographer gave me the ability to have a deep understanding of video and photographic productions, which I love to follow up on personally.

Furthermore as right-brain thinker (and digital creative director) I am interested in focusing my attention on the big picture, based on the synergy between creativity and technology, blending my experience with the future.