Project Description


One of Quebec’s favourite cookies became Canada’s best-selling cookie when Dare Foods asked Marovino to redesign the line. We were asked to bring the bear to life and to make it more appealing to children and their moms. We were also asked to make the brand stand out more at shelf.

The old packaging

The magic is in the eyes. We wanted the bear to engage with shoppers as they walked by–and what better way to do that than through direct eye contact! The vision for the brand was to expand the line to over twenty varieties. We knew we had an opportunity to create a powerful experience with shoppers as they walk by the shelf and have a wall of eyes staring back at them.

The new packaging

Part of our challenge was to create an expandable system of segmentation that would accommodate future additional flavours and segments without undermining the ease of shopping the brand. Segmentation had to be intuitive, clear and consistent to minimize the angst of choice. We created a colour coding system supported by a short simple sub-branding system to help shoppers distinguish the various segments.