Project Description


Since the early 2000s Grissol has enjoyed a steady growth in the Canadian market. What once was considered a regional brand from Quebec, has now become a household name across Canada. As consumers began to demonstrate a preference for simpler ingredient decks and more crafted products it became evident to Dare Foods that the Grissol brand wasn’t communicating those very important attributes.

We were asked to re-design the brand and to bring out the heritage and craftsmanship of the fine breads still being made to a large degree in Sainte Martine, Quebec.

The old packaging (left) compared to the new packaging (right)

We approached the challenge with a new wordmark, inspired by the original one that was used at the inception of the Grissol brand, prior to undergoing a series of acquisitions.

Because the brand had been on the market for decades in a white package, we felt that white was a brand property that needed to carry over to the new design. The challenge was to develop a look that expressed the heritage of the brand with a unique visual that would in time be associated with the brand. At the same time we also had to develop a brand architecture that would accommodate a number of sub-brands.

We selected a photograph of an actual boulangerie to create the backdrop for the brand mark, and to form a black and white footprint for the entire line. The various segments were distinguished only by sub-brand nomenclature using modified fonts to echo a 1940’s style and photography.

The product photography focused on simplicity and ease of preparation. Minimal propping and easily obtainable ingredients were used to promote everyday use.