Project Description


Imagine drinking vodka made from 10,000 year old water! That’s exactly what you get when you pour yourself a drink of Iceberg Vodka.

The old packaging (left) compared to the new packaging (right)

Tankers from Newfoundland go out to sea every year to harvest icebergs as they travel down the Atlantic from North of the Arctic Circle and through Labrador. The water is brought to the distillery where it is blended with distillate to form this wonderful elixir called Iceberg Premium Vodka.

Too warm…

Now it’s perfect!

Should you choose to indulge we strongly recommend that you chill the vodka to freezing temperature, at which point, the iceberg on the front of the label will proudly display a red Maple Leaf at its peak. That’s the signal that your vodka is the perfect temperature to drink!

We almost forgot to mention that sales have more than tripled.