Project Description


King Cole Tea has been part of Atlantic Canada’s culture for more than a hundred years.

Since 1930, the King Cole tea box has been orange, and that is how it’s been ever since. When we walked the aisles of stores in Atlantic Canada to speak with store-owners and shoppers we were overwhelmed by the loyalty and attachment the brand had garnered.

The old packaging (left) compared to the new packaging (right)

We were honoured to be asked to re-fresh the brand. We were also cautioned that east-coast customers don’t take too kindly to changes to their beloved brands.

Faced with mounting competitive activity from North American and European brands, the client had invested in new packaging equipment and were poised to launch a line of flavoured teas, black teas and seasonal teas. The brand re-fresh had to accommodate these new offerings but it also couldn’t alienate the current loyal users.

The old packaging (left) compared to the new one (right)