Project Description


We were approached by Mark Anthony Brands to re-brand their flagship brewery from the ground up. Anthony von Mandel himself led the briefing. We listened in awe as he began to explain his acquisition of a heritage craft brewery in the middle of Stanley Park in Vancouver. He explained his vision and commitment to produce the best Belgian style beer this side of the Atlantic.

He backed up that claim by investing in the best German five-kettle brewing system that money could buy. He hired the finest Brewmaster he could find and then charged us with conveying his vision of the brand through the packaging. Just to add a bit of a challenge to his request, he insisted that the brand had to be true to its heritage and origin in Stanley Park.

We hired several photography students from a Vancouver college to take shots of everything and anything in Stanley Park that they might consider iconic. Among the hundreds of photographs we saw shots of the Lion’s Gate Bridge, and there, standing guard at the south approach to the bridge, were the two lions that Mr Stanley himself had ordered cast.

The look of the brand was born! Our design team had found the inspiration that led to the re-launch of Vancouver’s finest brewery.

Before (left) and after (right)

Core and seasonal offerings