Visual Shopper

Our vision as designers is to create engaging brand stories that connect with consumers at an emotional level and prompt purchase. Consider the path to purchase as a process from awareness to attitude to intent to behaviour. Many research methodologies seem satisfied at providing a measure for purchase intent as an indication of future success. The fact that more than 85 percent of new product introductions fail would suggest to us that what consumers declare on surveys might have something to do with that. The reason is a simple one: What people say they will do and what they actually do when shopping can be very different:  (http://www.cornnaturally.com/CornNaturally/media/Interior/Gated%20PDF/mintel-brand-simplifying-sweetness-white-paper.pdf?ext)

What people say in surveys and how they behave in front of a shelf is vastly different.

Shopper bewilderment and emotional filtering are difficult to articulate and even more difficult to measure. But, they are the most important factors to influence the purchase decision at the “Moment of Truth”.

As business partners we help our clients reduce the guesswork and risk of going to market by providing analytics on purchase behaviour. Very few tools can capture and measure how shoppers will behave when presented with different packaging at shelf. Our method of Attention-Tracking is able to analyze search behaviour preceding decision-making and therefore measure purchase intent and purchase conversion.

Consumers react demonstrably to packaging changes, especially with brands that enjoy strong brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is a measure of the degree to which the targeted consumers consider the brand to be “theirs”. So, whatever a company does to their (the consumers’) brand, it has to be to the consumers’ liking or the consequences can be dire. Notable examples being Coca Cola’s 2011 Holiday can and Tropicana’s disastrous package design change (2009).

Visual Shopper can not only prevent losses due to packaging changes but can also optimize packaging systems in terms of communication, segmentation and pricing strategies. Ask us how we can help you win the battle at shelf.